Dwelling with God

Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary
John 14:1–14

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The setting of the Last Supper before Jesus is lifted up on the cross is offered here before Jesus is lifted to heaven in the Ascension. Jesus has just heard the protestations of Peter that he would never deny Jesus. Jesus must have descended in an instant to an inner garden of agony. Nonetheless, from these depths of Jesus’ heart we begin to hear the most exalted words ever addressed to humans: we are called to live with God.

The essence of this living-with is found in the Greek word menein meaning “to dwell, to remain, to abide,” etc. The noun form, “mansions,” or “dwelling places,” occurs only two times in the Bible, in the verses 2 and 23. The way in which the Father and Son mutually indwell becomes the model for how we are meant to live with God.

Today, take this Greek word, menein and repeat it often until it burrows its way into you your heart.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
You prepare a place for me. v. 2
You taking me to Yourself v. 3
The way, the truth and the life v. 6
You act when asked in Your name v. 14

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