Four Faces

Mondays: The Prophets
Ezekiel 10—11

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Forty-seven times the number four appears in Ezekiel, seven times in just six verses in chapter 10. As the Alphabyte “Quarters” suggests, four is basic to life, symbol of fullness and completion.

Slow down your reading so that the images in Ezekiel can come alive in you. Go with him to the places where he leads. The four faces have led to various later interpretations of finding the faces of the Evangelists. St. John is the Eagle as he soars in heights of sublime understanding of Jesus.

Be ready for the heights of communion with God where the Lord wants to take you. The Lord is doing a miracle of re-creation in you as anything stony in your heart is transformed into a heart of fresh.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Moving with the Lord’s glory. 10:18
Opening to wise counsel 11:3
Spirit of God fall on me. 11:5
Ah Lord God, Keep the remnant! 11:13

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This is the Fifth Week in Easter, Year A.
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Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets; during Lent we read Jeremiah; during the Easter seasons, Ezekiel.

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