Bread and Breath

Fridays: The Gospels
John 6:41–71

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Along with our Hebrew ancestors in the wilderness, the spirit of complaint blinds the Jewish leaders from receiving the gift in front of them of Jesus as the Bread of Life. Similar to Thomas the apostle who doubted, the leaders come to Jesus with their own concepts and norms for how God would touch and communicate with God’s people.

Complaining is poison. Do not do it. Receive the Bread of Life. Commit to the Lord that problem, that situation as you exhale each breath. With each inhale, take in the Bread of Life who is also the “breath” of life in the Holy Spirit. Receive the covenant blood of Jesus that brings salvation, joy and the immense love of Jesus.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Faith in You—eternal life v. 47
The living bread from heaven v. 51
Eat this bread; live forever v.51
Your words are spirit and life. v. 63

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This is the Fifth in Easter, Year A.
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