“Beach Ball” – An Alphabyte

Alphabytes are object meditations
That move in alphabetical order two times through the fifty-two weeks of the year.
The final one is “Zoom Lens” at the close of the church year on November 23.

Nick reads the Alphabyte

Airless, flat, dusty, hidden, the plastic wrinkled mass made it through
    the cold of winter and the hope of spring.
Now breath makes it rise to global fullness,
     barely touching the earth and water,
    dancing freely in the kindred air that puffs about it.
Down it plunges as children play and push it beneath the surf,
    pressing upward as though gasping for the very air of which it’s made,
    joyous in its upward surge as at last the children yield the hold
    and let it go.

Energies from within the soul seek to make their way above,
    pushed relentlessly to drowning depths.
Call these energies by basic, beach ball names:
Get out of their way till they rise and dance about
    on the sacred waters of your soul.

Alphabytes are object meditations that move through the alphabet
two times in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.

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