A Destructive Power

Saturdays: The Sabbath Torah Portions
Numbers 16:1-40

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Jealousy and power rear their ugly heads, as they did for the fall of the evil King (or Lucifer?) in Isaiah 14. The rebels mentioned might as well have taken on God, as indeed amounts to be the case, when they challenge Moses and Aaron with such profound disrespect. What happens to them is similar to the outcome of that one that fell from heaven.

Envy is one of the Capital Sins. Its reckless, blind energy smashes headlong into the carefully woven plans that God has for each person.

If only the Korahites had minded their own sacred business—a sacred, priestly business. After you read, examine your own conscience about jealousy. The purity of God’s Spirit cannot tolerate dwelling in a soul restless with jealousy. It is a very destructive power. Beware!

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Bible Breaths
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Walking humbly with my God (Micah 6:8)
Always trusting in You, Lord
Reverence before Your will
Incense rising from my heart

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Saturdays are dedicated to the Sabbath Torah portions
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One thought on “A Destructive Power

  1. The copper covering of the altar made from the fire pans: a source of sin becomes a sign of sacred reminder. Is this not like the cross over our altars? The sign of our sin and rebellion against God becomes a sign of God’s forgiving love and the resurrection beyond death.

    Rather than pull back from objects such as photos and souvenirs that remind us of past pain, mistakes and sins, bring them front and center. This will allow unresolved feelings of guilt and shame to be released through experiencing fear, anger and sadness which are the ingredients of guilt and shame. Guilt and shame can swallow us up as the earth did to Korah and his followers.


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