Mounting Confidence

Wednesdays: The Psalms
Psalm 28

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Contrasted with Saul and yesterday’s reading, here is David and his psalm—the prayer of one whose heart is one with God. The very outpouring of his heart in anguished prayer lubricates the “gears” of his inner being. His spirit loosens; deeper and wider expanse of joyous expression flows from verse 6 to the end. David knows it is God, not he, who will avenge enemies and shepherd his people. Breathe with relief and confidence as the prayer rises to the concluding verse.

Return to this psalm often today, especially when temptations press you to regain control of things, disqualifying you from making this prayer as sincere and open as David. Watch how you are vulnerable to temptations of this kind; thus, you will know to what precise inner places you need to ask the Spirit to direct laser-beams of healing love.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Lord my rock, be not silent. v. 1
Lifting up my hands to You v. 2
You are my strength and my shield. v. 7
Carry us forever, Lord. v. 9

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This is the seventh of thirteen weeks in Pentecost, Year A.
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Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms,
one each week over the three-year cycle.

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