Miracles Birthed in Silence

Fridays: The Gospels
Matthew 14

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How would you feel if your cousin was beheaded and the head placed on a platter for public ridicule? The death of John the Baptist must have affected Jesus in a similar way. He seeks solitude in a silent place …no such thing. The crowds are so excited about Jesus and the miracles that they track him down by the thousands.

The chapter is marked with strong changes. The multiplication of the five loaves and the two fish deeply moves the crowd, not to mention the disciples. I remember a retreat director during my seminary years suggesting that while the disciples were gathering the leftovers into the twelve baskets, they instigated the crowd, starting the chant: “Make him king! Make him king!” Jesus would have none of it. He dismisses the crowd and sends the disciples into a boat. Jesus seeks quiet, this time on a mountain. Then see what happens!

Expect silence to birth your miracle as you seek solitude and surrender to Jesus.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Withdrawing to be with You v. 13
Blessing and breaking the loaves v. 19
It is You: I’m not afraid. v. 27
Touching the hem of Your cloak v. 36

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