Winds of the Spirit

Thursdays: The New Testament
Romans 10

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As a mighty wind, the Spirit rushes into the house of the First Testament giving new and exciting meaning to familiar passages. Paul weaves quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures into twelve of the twenty-one verses of this chapter. The newness and freshness of Paul’s thought is launched from the foundation in the First Testament. The Holy Spirit quickens these words with fresh, profound meaning.

The weeks of the three-year cycle consist of a stitching of passages from both Covenants. These readings are wedded together for the regular return of the week every three years. Look for common threads that bind these readings together. Look back over previous days as you move through the week to discover their unity. Link the readings with each week’s Alphabyte as well— “Hurricane” being the mighty wind of the Spirit that rushes into your inner house!

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Your Word near to lips and heart v. 8
Confessing Jesus is Lord v. 9
Lovely feet that bring good news v. 15
Faith coming from what is heard v. 17

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This is the eighth of thirteen weeks in Pentecost, Year A.(The first week occurred at the end of the season of Epiphany.)
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Thursdays are dedicated to the New Testament, except the Gospels.

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