Tabernacles Unmade

Fridays: The Gospels
Matthew 17:1-13

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Jesus invites Peter, James, and John to pray with him in the Agony in the Garden. That moment brought drowsiness upon them as great as was the suffering of Jesus. Likely it was Jesus’ intent to take these special three apostles and prepare them for his approaching death, by giving them an anticipation of the glory to come. The Transfiguration prefigures the resurrection. Here on the last Sunday in Epiphany we glimpse at glory before the season of Lent begins. Take your place beside the apostles as they look at the other three—Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.

A thought to ponder: two of the three great Jewish festivals find Christian fulfillment in the Trinity. Passover is fulfilled in the resurrection of the Son; Pentecost is completed in the coming of the Spirit; Tabernacles. . . no Christian counterpart for the Father’s plan. Given the divisions that exist among religions, we are a long way from one tabernacle of peace, tolerance, and worship of the one God in whom we claim to believe.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Your face shining like the sun v. 2
It is good that I be here. v. 4
“This my Son, the Beloved” v. 5
Down the mountain with You, Lord v. 9

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This is the tenth of thirteen weeks in Pentecost, Year A.
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