React or Enact

Tuesdays: The Hebrew “Writings”

1 Samuel 23—25

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Monstrous jealousy drives Saul, while quiet, inner direction from God guides David. Even when he is enraged by the wicked Nabal and wants revenge, there is a space inside David that listens to the touching intervention of Nabal’s wife, Abigail that frees David to be open to God’s plan.

Here and again in next week’s reading is the principle David invokes for resisting the urge to kill Saul before David himself is killed. David invites us to look beyond the personal character of religious leaders, and respect those whom God has anointed for spiritual leadership, even when they are hardly acting in accord with the anointing. They need more prayer so that they remain faithful.

There are divine principles shining through these chapters as expressed by David and Abigail. How would you put them in your own words as the Spirit prompts?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Prayer for the Lord’s anointed 24:6
The Lord between you and me 24:15
May only good be found in me. 25:28
Thy peace flowing from within 25:32ff

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This is the eleventh of thirteen weeks in Pentecost, Year A.
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Tuesdays are dedicated the Hebrew “Writings.”

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One thought on “React or Enact

  1. David spends a lot of time on the run from Saul who’s trying to kill him. David also listens for the most part to God before he acts. David had the opportunity to kill Saul but chooses to only cut a piece from his robe, and then later confronts Saul and tells him he spared his life, out of respect for he being king. Even though Saul treated him bad, David treated him kindly.

    With Nabal, David felt wronged and planned on taking justice into his own hands, but Abigail interceded for her husbands wrongdoing.

    Being disciplined in reading the bible and spending time in prayer every day is life changing. We need to listen more so we know what God would want us to do when we have choices to make.

    We need to remember to trust God and give our troubles and our situations over to Him…put it in His hands.

    In all things, seek God first…

    How different our reactions are when God is a prominent part of our life.


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