“Metal Detector” – An Alphabyte

Alphabytes are object meditations
that move through the alphabet two times
in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.
“Metal Detector” introduces the Last of Thirteen Weeks in Pentecost:
Summer in the North, Winter in the South.

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

As though itself coming to the end of a long day in the sun,
    summer is almost past.
Sands have been pounded, dug, thrown and mixed with many a treasure.
Now is the time for the gentle detective dancers,
    armed with Geiger’s divining rod, to sweep across the gridded expanse,
    eager to catch the beeps of beach buried treasures longing to be lifted,
    though hopeless to be returned to the ones who grieve their loss.

Silently buried beneath Bible print lie the treasures of the Word of life,
    waiting, hoping that you will make the sweeping dance across its lines,
    resurrecting their life in the flesh of the heart.
Sounds of recognition, delight, hope, and strength leap from page to heart.

Note the place.
Catch the treasure lying there, just for you, waiting since the first writing
    to have you receive it, so that its revelation power can live in you—
    and through you, can touch the heart of the next person longing to believe.

How does the Word touch you?

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