The Cross in Front

Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary
Matthew 16:21—28

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Peter has just been given revelation knowledge about who Jesus is: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Now for the first time, Jesus predicts his suffering and death at the hands of the religious authorities. Feel the contrast of Peter’s former confession of faith with the rebuke that he now gives Jesus.

As Peter participates in the pride of Jesus’ adversaries, the heart of the Savior begins to be in passion already. Peter must be shaken by “tough love.” The Lord looks through Peter’s eyes into his soul—the place where war is waged between Peter and the Enemy. “Get behind me, Satan!”

The only way for Satan to get behind you is if you let Jesus take the lead. Let the cross be in front of you today. Greater than the struggle is the victory that Jesus has won. He holds the war prize—your own soul! Do not let pride, unforgiveness and other unrepented sin wrench it from his hand.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Following You with the cross v. 24
Losing life to saving life v. 25
Nothing more precious than life v. 26
Final payment for my deeds v. 27

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