Forgive Yourself

Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary
Matthew 18:21-35

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The parables of Jesus are soul-experiences. Make this one especially personal. The amount is an immense sum, beyond the power to comprehend. The sense is of a great national debt.

Out debt to God is infinitely greater. Take the sin of the world in its “original” form in Adam and Eve. That offense to God has come down through the ages in an avalanche of sin in the human family. A debt has so accumulated that we simply cannot pay it, because God has been offended.

Jesus took all this sin to the cross. In that act of love, God forgave all our debt of sin. Consider this: if God has forgiven you for all that you have done, ought you not treat others, including yourself, with that same forgiveness?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Never ceasing to forgive v. 21
Your mercy with me always v. 33
As I forgive, You forgive v. 33
Lord, You’re kind to everyone.

Version for Children and Families

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