Fire-Starting and Fire-Testing

Thursdays: The New Testament
1 Corinthians 3

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When there is a violent forest fire, another fire is deliberately set around the perimeter of the endangered space, so that when the fire arrives at the burned-out border, there is nothing left to consume.

Divisions and party strife are as a fire gone wild. Paul speaks in terms of fire in verse 15; one’s material loss through fire becomes a source of salvation.

My desire in fire-starting today is that the Holy Spirit fire-test you. Allow the Spirit to burn away at this very moment, all that is not of the Lord’s doing. As the preferred temple of the Lord, become more and more filled with the fire of the Lord’s presence. Let the strong words of Paul be as breath-blows on the wood of that fire, so that all that needs to be consumed in you may be done so completely. Upon the ashes of that loss lies the saving grace of knowing that you are resting on the foundation which is Christ Jesus.

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Only You make the seeds grow. v. 6
Jesus I belong to You. v. 9
Tested by the fire of love v. 13
Spirit of God within me v. 16

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