The Cross: Near or Far?

Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary
Matthew 21:23-32

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One act of surrender to Jesus is worth more than a million words of promise. Think of the “Good Thief” on the cross. His act of love for Jesus and repentance of sinfulness won him full entry into paradise in the final moment of his life. All the Jewish leaders were restless with preparing other paschal lambs for Passover, blind to the power of the Paschal Lamb whose saving blood was already flowing from the cross.

What decisions do you make that reveal whether you are spending your life for the One who spent his life for you? It is not what you say, but what you do that defines surrender. Is what you do in life tending to have you cling to the cross—or are you sometimes far away from it, busy about other kingdoms?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Not by words, but by my deeds v. 29
Give me purity of heart v. 32
Longing for Your kingdom, Lord
Your life for me, mine for You

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