Jesus Is the Answer.

Sundays: The Gospels from the Lectionary
Matthew 22:34–46

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Jesus quotes from the first half of the Jewish Shema which pious Jews repeat twice daily (Deut. 6:4-5). After many questions on the part of the scribes, Sadducees and Pharisees, Jesus now takes the offensive. He presents a dilemma, forcing his listeners to face the question of how the Messiah would come to be. They are finally rendered speechless.

Life poses many questions about how, when or even whether God is intervening or not. There needs to come a moment when questions are silenced by the very presence of the Lord, perhaps by further questions, such as those posed to Job. God’s questions reduce Job to silence. They remind him about how incapable he is to dominate questions for which the Lord alone has answers.

Ponder these words of the song of Scott Wesley Brown: “When answers aren’t enough, there is Jesus.”

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Loving You with all my heart v. 37
Loving neighbor as myself v. 39
Enemies under Your feet v. 44
Surrendering to silence v. 46

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