Grief of David and Jesus

Tuesdays: The Hebrew “Writings”

2 Samuel 16—18

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The treason against David reminds me of the same against Jesus on the part of Judas. Absalom, part of David’s family, betrays his father, and wants the power of the kingdom to fall to him. Judas, one of Jesus’ apostles, betrays his Lord. Just as Absalom, Judas does not like the way the lines of power in Jesus’ Kingdom are being drawn. The fates of Absalom and Judas are similar—hanging from a tree. The grief of David over the fate of his son is similar to the grief that Jesus must have felt for Judas’ betrayal and the way he ended. The prayer of David, “If only I had died in your place,” is fulfilled in Jesus who died in your place and mine, so that our sin would not do to us what Absalom’s and Judas’ did to them. The tree, upon which Jesus hung in agony, became a new tree of life.

Spend time praising the Lord for the extent of his love for you. How much more can you yet respond?

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Bible Breaths
What are these?
Vengeance belonging to You v. 11
Your word setting me at rest v. 17
You grant me inner wisdom. v. 20
Laying my heart before You v. 33

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