The Deliverer Is Delivered

Friday of the Tenth Week in Kingdomtide
Matthew 27:1-31

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

Two grave sins were committed in Jesus’ Passion—betrayal and denial. Peter wept bitterly over the sin he committed; profound sorrow and the Lord’s forgiveness cleansed his soul and prepared the way for the greatness of the Peter to come. Judas’ sin of betrayal results in a tragic consequence. The killing emotion of guilt overwhelms Judas and he hangs himself. If only he had allowed himself to catch the pained, yet loving glance of Jesus, he might have clung to that glance, rather the rope that hung him!

There is sin all over this narrative. Consider the aimless gesture of Pilate washing his hands, as though that would free him from responsibility.

Keep yourself very close to Jesus as you pray the Passion. Distance from him makes you vulnerable to the Enemy. The Deliverer is delivered to be crucified.

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels—this year, St. Matthew.

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