The Lasting and the Passing

Tuesday of the Last Week in Kingdomtide
Ecclesiastes 1—4

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

Jewish people have a tradition of reading this book in the fall. They recognize that the author, attributed to be Solomon, was writing these words of wisdom in the autumn of his life. We retain this tradition in closing the final Tuesdays of Kingdomtide with this book.

The theme of the work is in 1:3. The word “meaningless” (sometimes translated as “vanity”) occurs throughout the whole book, translating the Hebrew word yitron, meaning “breath”—all that is empty and without substance.

Read these chapters with the wisdom that the Spirit gives you in Jesus—the Way, the Truth and the Life. Everything in life is ultimately empty and meaningless without the grounding and centering that life in God brings.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Old Testament history and “The Writings.”
During the season of Kingdomtide this year we read a few chapters of Proverbs followed by 2 Samuel

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

2 thoughts on “The Lasting and the Passing

  1. Today’s reading stirs up a flood of emotions within me and I can relate it to  circumstances in my life. Most of what happens we have no control over. Change occurs, people grow old, life goes on….but God is the One constant in our lives.  He was my “go to person” yesterday when I felt overwhelmed with circumstances concerning my children that I had no control over, but to listen and advise. During those times in my day when things seemed to be spinning out of control, I knew Who i needed to release it all too, and I felt His presence and peace. None of us know what tomorrow may bring, but I do know that God is with me….and with each new day, comes new blessings from God. May I always remain open to receive them. 

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8…. I have read this over numerous times this morning. It’s so very familiar, but i’m reading, hearing and feeling it today. Each verse takes me “deeper” as I reflect on it…. 


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