The Evil of Self As Center

Tuesday of Christmas Week
Judges 9—10

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

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Abimelech was a son of Gideon by a concubine. He had seventy half brothers. Today you will read what Abimelech did to them. Yes, there are persons and situations in the Old Testament who perform evils so great, that it would be challengeto the movie industry to portray them. Abimilech is one of these persons; he had an atrocious lust for power.

While you may read his story in amazement, just know that there is a potential Abimelech inside of each one of us. The same temptation to power, control, self-centeredness, unconcern for the things of the Lord, can be at work in our own hearts. But for the grace of the Lord Jesus, there go you and I!

The Lord sends persons to liberate God’s people who, in turn, lapse immediately into idolatry. God feels. Pray with a desire to experience God’s hurt.

Is there anything you are doing to avoid placing the Lamb of God as the center of your life?

Tuesdays are dedicated to Old Testament history and “The Writings.”
In the seasons of Advent to Epiphany this year we read the Book of Judges followed by a few chapters of Proverbs.

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