Hostility and Tenderness

Wednesday of Christmas Week
Psalm 52

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

“The Olive Tree of Jerusalem” Exclusive hand painted ceramic tile murals and pottery
from the original Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.

This brief psalm creates a sharp distinction between the feverish, hostile plots of the wicked, and the quiet restfulness of the green olive tree planted in the house of God. Evil consumes itself, spent by Godless, self-propelled energy.

The green olive tree does nothing but enjoy its presence in the Temple of the Lord. There it is content to stay and play, trusting in the greenness of its life from being in God’s presence.

Feel the contrast between this psalm and the scheming world sated and spent by the shopping season just past. Inventory and hoarding profit are its post-Christmas agenda. However, you … Go to the stable. Adore with the shepherds, Mary and Joseph. Rejoice in the tender infant Jesus, the “green olive tree.” Will you allow Jesus to be engrafted onto your heart?

Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms.

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