Going It Alone

Tuesday of Epiphany Week
Judges 11—12

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

The story of Jephtha’s daughter is a sad one. While a tragedy in itself, the deeper sadness in this period is that for the most part, only the judges themselves were faithful. They were much like “Lone Rangers,” lacking consistent support from the people to make the victories in war usher in times of spiritual peace. The people refused to follow the Lord’s ways. Jephtha felt that he must keep the vow he made to God, which involved such a sad outcome for his only child.

Are you finding all the support you need to grow spiritually? One of the aspects of these daily readings is the hope that you will find others who are contemplating these passages everyday with you. Together you can reflect upon what the Lord is saying to your lives. The Lord does not want you to go it alone.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Old Testament history and “The Writings.”
In the seasons of Advent to Epiphany this year we read the Book of Judges followed by a few chapters of Proverbs.

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