Waters of Freedom

Friday of Epiphany Week
Mark 1:1-8

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

St John the Baptist Baptizes the People – Nicolas Poussin c. 1635

Mark tells how people “went out” to be baptized by John in the Jordan. This is the same word in Greek for the Exodus. Jesus is the one who is going to lead you up and out of waters drowning you. Spend time with John and Jesus by the banks of these waters of freedom.

The Gospel of Mark will be our companion for the Fridays of most of this year. I suggest you spend time with a Bible Dictionary and a commentary on this Gospel so that you will appreciate the power of Jesus portrayed by Mark. The more you learn, the more the Holy Spirit will find a mind and heart receptive to the presence of God.

Just as in the Exodus, this presence will go before you as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, splitting open the chaotic waters of your life!

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This year, we read the Gospel of St. Luke,except during Lent and with a few other exceptions.

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

How does the Word touch you?

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