More Than a Survivor

The Baptism of the Lord
Mark 1:4-11

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

The Baptism of Christ – Annibale Carracci – 1584

Creation, old and new…Genesis and Mark—feel the blending of these two beginnings at the start of the New Year. The Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of chaos and gave them a limit they could not trespass so that dry land could come for us to walk upon. It happens again for Jesus by the Jordan. He plunges into the waters of your chaos and mine and emerges onto solid ground. Jesus takes all that would drown you and comes out more than a survivor, a victor! The highway between heaven and earth, blocked by Adam’s sin, is wonderfully open again. Now the voice of God can be heard for you and everyone.

How are you? You can respond much more than the typical, “Hanging in there!” You are more than a survivor; you are victorious in Jesus if you will cling to the Lord as the waters rush around you.

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