Totally Dedicated to the Lord

Tuesday of the Second Week in Epiphany
Judges 13—14

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

When God is about to intervene in a unique way in history, an angel announces the coming birth of a specially anointed deliverer. Such was the case with the birth of Isaac, Samuel, and now, Samson. The season of Advent, just past, had us celebrating the angelic announcement of the two greatest persons whom God was going to use&mash;John the Baptist and of course, Jesus.

In the case of the Baptist and Samson, there was a life style that expressed total consecration to the Lord—no wine or strong drink—and, in Samson’s case, the full Nazarite vow of never cutting the hair. All these outward signs remind the individual and others of loyalty to the Lord; they were set apart and constantly reminded that their life was given to God.

What is there about your life that reminds you that you are to be totally dedicated to the Lord? In Christ you are very special, called to be a sacrament of his presence.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Old Testament history and “The Writings.”
In the seasons of Advent to Epiphany this year we read the Book of Judges followed by a few chapters of Proverbs.

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