With Jesus on Dry Ground

Friday of the Second Week in Epiphany
Mark 1:9-20

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

The Baptism of Christ – Tintoretto 1579-81

Water has various symbolic meanings in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis, it is a sign of chaos. As the Spirit brooded over the waters, limits to water’s movements were set beyond which they could not go, as the dry land appeared.

Over the waters of the Jordan, the Spirit broods once again, appearing over Jesus as he is baptized. The chaos of sin is limited as Jesus rises up on dry land. The space between earth and heaven opens and the voice of God is heard. Just as the dove came to rest when the waters of the flood receded, so does the Spirit rest on Jesus.

A new time of salvation came with Jesus’ baptism. He rose from the death that is the waters of sin, and brought you to new life in God’s Spirit. Rest on the dry land with Jesus on the other side of the Jordan. Follow him in the desert of temptations. Be with him as ministry begins.

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This year, we read the Gospel of St. Luke,except during Lent and with a few other exceptions.

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