Absolute Confidence in God

Wednesday of the Third Week in Epiphany
Psalm 55

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

Do you ever feel like wanting to run away from it all? You are in good company; so does the writer of today’s psalm, in the name of David. He wishes he could just fly away like a dove to a wilderness somewhere. What makes things even worse for him is that his own friends are betraying him.

David expresses his anger fully, even imagining the destruction of his enemies. However, as though moved by how dangerous his thoughts are, David reaches out even more “dangerously” into pure trust and confidence in the Lord. As a seesaw tilting from one person shifting and the other suddenly bouncing high, so awareness of the power of God lifts David to the heights. The goodness and faithfulness of the Lord is greater than any wickedness.

Pause at morning, noon and night and at other times of transition in the day. Immediately, cast your burdens before the Lord, lest they overwhelm you.

Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms.

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