Tears Remembered

Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Epiphany
Psalm 56

Nick reads the one-minute introduction.

Though David overcame Goliath with one shot from his sling, it was not the same for all the enemies that came against David. However, fortunately for him, the first casting that he made was not with his sling, but with his prayer. However much he felt his enemies press against him in so many kinds of ways, so much the more did David’s prayer press against God until the blessings of God’s power were in David’s heart, and only then in his hand.

Are there circumstances that bring you to tears? If God does not let a sparrow fall without God’s knowledge, then neither does one tear run down your cheek without God’s awareness. Consider the image that David uses in verse 8 for this kind of remembrance of God. As the fragments of bread collected after the multiplication of loaves in the Gospel, your tears are gathered together, lest they be lost.

Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms.

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