The Joy of Worship…and More Waiting

Tuesday of the Fifth Week in Easter, Year B
Ezra 3—4

Nick reads the one-minute Firestarter. Click on the image.

After seventy years, the sweet, sacred smell of sacrifice returns to the Promised Land. Ground breaking ceremonies take place for the new Temple destroyed when wicked Nebuchadnezzar razed Jerusalem and held God’s people captive in Babylon. A great shout breaks out. The word used in Hebrew, teru’ah, is the loudest of noises that humans can make; it is a combination of shouts, weeping for joy and blasts of trumpets.

However, the neighbors complain. They write letters of protest to the then Persian King Artaxerxes who decrees that the rebuilding cease.

The Lord’s will may be slowed up, but it cannot be stopped. There are two things that the Chosen People need to learn—fidelity to the Lord’s will and patience. Do you have any personal reflections about these? They are gifts of the Spirit.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Hebrew History and “The Writings.”
During the remainder of the Easter Season, we read the Book of Ezra.

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