Everything Can Be Sacred

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leviticus 23—24

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The celebrations in which Jewish people take part have their origins in the revelation of God to Moses. There is another listing of the feasts with details about how they are to be honored. These are the direct words of God to the people concerning how the seasons for farming and other events become sacred celebrations, ways to give God honor and glory.

I recall what Ignatius of Loyola wanted for the Jesuits: "Let them find God in all things." How can you take the things you are called to do and have them become acts of worship and honor to the Lord?

This may help; the word "profane" in Latin means: "In front of the temple." What is outside of the "temple" where the Lord dwells is profane. However, you are the temple of the Lord where the Blessed Trinity dwells. Actions that flow from this presence are sacred, those that do not are profane. May you grow in knowing Who lives within you.

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Finding now some Sabbath time 23:3
Offering the best of me 23:10
Offering my food to You 23:37
Shining the light of my life

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