The Fall of an Ancient City

Monday of the Fifth Week in Easter, Year B
Ezekiel 27—28

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The ancient seaport city of Tyre in Phoenicia is targeted for destruction due to its wanton pride and arrogance. It was located on an island just off the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its power had stretched as far as Spain in the West, to Mesopotamia, the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in the East. A long list of cities is included, such as Tarshish in Spain, cities under the sway of this ancient kingdom. Though many of these cities cannot be identified any longer, the cumulative effect of the list is designed to have us feel the extent of this ancient maritime power.

Nebuchadnezzar laid a thirteen-year siege of Tyre from about 587-574 BC. Ezekiel sees this as a consequence of the power that Phoenicia wielded from its arrogant king whom Ezekiel denounces. This phrase appears twice: “You set your heart as the heart of a god.” Thus passes the glory of the world. Only those connected to the Word of God will live forever.

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During the Easter Season, we read Ezekiel.

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3 thoughts on “The Fall of an Ancient City

  1. The roots of “arrogance” —   Ad (for) and rogare (ask).  It means to ask or claim that which is not ones own.  It’s thievery! Surely this is spelled out in strong words as Tyre claimed itself to be a god.


  2. Tyre, full of itself, is gone and forgotten by all but students of scripture and ancient civilizations. Israel, God’s chosen people, though continuing to struggle for existence, remains with us today. What a glorious day it will be when they can live in peace and safety.

    Arrogance as thievery, what a great understanding. Surely Tyre was attempting identity theft. Not too smart, especially considering the identity they were trying to steal.

    Think about this. If you want to steal the identity of God, proclaim yourself god, then to whom would you turn in your need? What do you do, cry out “Oh “me”, I need you? What do you do when dead silence answers?? Praise God, He is right there for us to know and love as soon as we take our eyes off of ourselves..


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