The Fall of Egypt Coming

Monday of the Sixth Week in Easter, Year B    Ezekiel 29—30

Nick reads the one-minute Firestarter.

Ezekiel directs his prophetic power toward Egypt. The theme for all these proclamations against the nations is the growth of their power without giving glory to God.

The most vital aspect of the power of Egypt was the Nile River. The Pharaoh called the River “Mine,” failing to give God the glory for its existence. Again, the power of Babylonia and its wicked king is going to come against this nation. The text of the proclamation gives us a sense of the outrage of the Lord at those nations that do not truly acknowledge God as the ultimate power and Lord of the world.

Pray for all nations that they too will trust in the Lord, and not in the power of violence to redress the wrongs that they find against each other. We live in a “Global Village.” Lift it to God for God’s blessing and care.

The Reading for Today

Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets.
During the Easter Season, we read Ezekiel.

Daily Bible Breaths

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2 thoughts on “The Fall of Egypt Coming

  1. Who are the evil people the Lord is using for his purposes? Who are the powerful people the Lord has turned his face against? Where do we fall in the equation? Can we know? We must be careful.

    This country seems to find it easy to go to war, declaring justification in righteous indignation. Oh yes, we must be angry at times and we must follow in Jesus’ footsteps by channeling our ire into right action, strong action that is God’s through us. But we must be careful. Violence does not end the wrongs, it simply changes the type of wrong they are.

    I pray for our leaders, those close at hand and those in countries we have never heard of. All may be used as God’s tools, may all do so willingly, worshipfully.


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