A Blessed Pentecost to You!

Dear Friends:

A blessed season of Pentecost to you all! Rather than call the time after Pentecost “Ordinary Time,” I prefer to dedicate the summer months (in the northern hemisphere) to Pentecost: the fire, warmth and enduring love of the Spirit.

As my wife and I continue to follow this plan, we find the book to be the best way to read the daily Firestarters and Scripture passages.  There is something special about the book—simply turning the pages each day from the point when you begin to the plan, till you arrive three years later at the page where you started.

Check the menu options above for two formats for the book, paperback and eBook.

I wish you blessings as you discover the ways that the Lord leads you to have the Bible be the center piece of your days.

Blessings always,
Nick Connolly