The Breath of God Upon the Ashes

This post is also posted on “Wesley Without Walls,” an internet Bible Study hosted by Google Groups.  If you wish to join this group, just write to me at, including how it is that you would like to be part of the group.  -Pastor Nick


At The Lakehurst United Methodist Church, there are two Bible study groups that meet to ponder  and discuss the Wednesday and Friday readings for Lent from The Bible Through the Seasons.  Below are the Firestarters and readings for  the Second Week in Lent which begins on Sunday, Feb. 21.

Psalm 131

Total Satisfaction

Does it stretch the imagination to link this quiet, intimate song with throngs of noisy people on the move to Jerusalem? Surely, in the crowd there is many a mother needing to pause by the roadside to nurse her baby. At that moment, no need to think about catching up with the rest. Time stops as she gazes down upon her child—mouth slightly open, lips still dripping with milk as the baby dozes off to sleep in total satisfaction.
    We typically need three meals a day to keep up our strength. Yet more than the food we eat is the nourishment we need from the Lord. Pause regularly in the journey of the day and the week to your Jerusalem. Be fed by the Lord. Rest. All that you need for total satisfaction is given to you right now.

John 12:1–10

Unbelief Is Blind

Do you find situations in your life where you just cannot win? Thus, it was for Jesus as he finds himself caught more and more in the web of the plot against his life. Here is Lazarus whom Jesus had raised to life. Nothing but love consumes the heart of Mary, fed by her joy in who Jesus is. Yet there is no room for joy in Judas; greed pushes it away. Evil poisons his heart.
    Do not miss the irony in verse 10. The chief priests think that they can put to death the One who has power over death. Hatred and unbelief are blind. As for those who are opposed to you: If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

I suggest that you download Questions for Bible Study These five questions are used as a guide for Bible study at the Lakehurst Church, and now, beyond its walls!  Another idea…keep a sheet of paper and pencil ready for you to jot down the words of verses that touch your heart and how come they do so. I recommend that you keep a journal to save your reflections.


How does the Word touch you?

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