Pin-Prick in the Darkness

I’m very pleased to share with you these daily Firestarters in a version of The Bible Through the Seasons for families.  You can receive them in your inbox each day by simply signing up to Follow this unique way to read the whole Bible in three years.  — Pastor Nick

Matthew 2:1-11


The star that caught the attention of the Magi was like a pin-prick in the darkness. Yes, they were familiar with thousands of pin-like stars, but this one was new and very different. Like a friend waving the hand to invite us to come on over and visit, the star beckoned them to follow. Like a pin popping a balloon, the star burst the way they understood things. The new star so excited them that they left everything behind and followed the star till it rested above where Jesus was.

Life without the excitement of searching for where Jesus is in our lives, is really like a big balloon filed with nothing but air. May the Epiphany Star burst any part of our lives that we think are important, but really are just plain empty compared to being filled with the Spirit of Jesus.

Imagine that you are riding on a camel, traveling with the Magi. Feel their wonder and their joy.

This is a sample of a new version of The Bible Through the Seasons as a daily family devotion.  An ebook is planned. I’ll keep you posted! –Pastor Nick

How does the Word touch you?

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