Set Apart for God Alone

Touch here for today’s reading – Judges 13


In the Bible, when God is about to do something very important, an angel announces the coming birth of the one God will use to make this happen. Such are the stories about the births of Isaac, Samuel, and now, Samson. In Advent and Christmas that just passed, we celebrated the angel Gabriel announcing the two greatest persons whom God was going to use for our salvation—John the Baptist and of course, Jesus.

Samson and John the Baptist, though born many, many years apart, were told to behave in a very different way. They were not to drink wine or strong drink. Samson was also told that he must never cut his hair. All of this was to remind themselves and others that they were totally chosen to live for God alone.

Today, take a little walk in silence, looking for some object in nature that nudges at you, reminding you that you too, have been set apart to live for God alone.

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Writings in the Hebrew Scriptures, those books with the exception of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible)
the Prophets and the Psalms.
In the season of Advent to Epiphany this year, we read Judges and Proverbs, 4 to 6

This is a sample of a new version of The Bible Through the Seasons as a daily family devotion.  An ebook is planned. I’ll keep you posted! –Pastor Nick

How does the Word touch you?

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