God’s Favorite Temple

The Third Week in Lent, Year B


Imagine a flea market right inside your church. Up and down all the aisles and into the pews people are selling things all over. It’s very noisy. How shocking!

Now picture this going on in the great Temple in Jerusalem during Jesus’s time—with one big difference. Instead of secondhand things, cattle, sheep and doves are being sold as offerings for the sacred festival of Passover. Imagine the noise…and the smell! You’ll read about how upset Jesus became one day and what he did about it.

That great Temple was destroyed—with only the western wall remaining, sometimes referred to as “The Wailing Wall.” We have something much better than a physical temple—a spiritual temple which is the risen body of Jesus. When you give your life to be one with Jesus, this temple becomes your heart. Spend time in quiet thoughts of Jesus living inside of you. Do you need to do any cleansing of this favorite temple of God?

John 2:13-22

Suggested Bible Breath: My heart, the Temple of God.
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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels, in Year B, the Gospel of Mark.

This is a sample of a new version of The Bible Through the Seasons as a daily family devotion. An ebook is planned. I’ll keep you posted! –Pastor Nick