The Cloud of the Presence


We come to the close of the reading from the book of Exodus. We began with the the little boy, Moses, floating down the Nile River in a basket-raft, to avoid being killed by Pharaoh. We read about the plagues the crossing of the Red Sea, the meeting of Moses on the mountain with God, the idol worship of the people waiting down below, finally reaching the last chapter. All the instructions of God about how to make a holy portable temple in the desert, and how the priests are to dress, are now completed in every detail by Moses.

The people come to rest and to worship. The book ends with a marvelous event: like a great cloud, the presence of God comes down upon this tent of dwelling, inviting the people to worship and be with God as they make rest stops on the long journey to the Promised Land.

Let’s you and I do the same as we sit and read the final verses of this great book of the Bible You might light a scented candle and sit in silence. The Holy Spirit is with you and your family as the cloud-like presence of God coming down upon you and filling you.

Exodus 40:1-38
Suggested Bible Breath:  The cloud covering my soul  v. 34
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