A Hug from Jesus


For the Hebrew people, the priests were also considered as medical doctors. They were the ones to diagnose illness. One of the diseases was called leprosy—a very serious skin disease. If a priest said that a person had the disease, that person had to completely stay away from others, calling out “Unclean, Unclean!” so that no one would touch him or her. How sad! Here there is a sickness and to top it all off, no one was to come near the person to offer care and comfort.

There’s a story in the Gospels of Jesus coming right up to a leper and touching the person, and the person was healed (Matthew 8:1-14). It is the touch of Jesus that comforts and heals us. Spend some time praying and inviting Jesus to come near you and touch your heart and ask you to make you whole and happy. If there is some sickness you have in your body, or you are just plain sad, ask Jesus to come and give you a hug so that that can feel better again.

Leviticus 13:45-46

“Bible Breaths” – Touch to learn more…

Saturdays are dedicated to the Torah Portions
read along with synagogues throughout the world.

This is a sample of a new version of The Bible Through the Seasons as a daily family devotion.  An ebook is planned. I’ll keep you posted! –Pastor Nick



How does the Word touch you?

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