The Sleeping Seed

Farmers have completed their work of planting the seeds. Only the power of God in life itself is going to take over now. God’s Kingdom life is like that. It will prevail, despite its being hidden and small at first.

Jesus sleeps as a seed in the bottom of the boat. He awakens and rebukes not only the wind and the waves, but the unbelief of the disciples as well.

Believe that the Spirit deep within you, apparently asleep, is really at work bringing Pentecost life to flourish in you. It will happen, if you let it. Spend time in the silence, just being with the Lord as the seed of God’s love grows within you. Others will then find rest in the shadow of your arms as branches of God’s own love for them.

The Reading for Today   Mark 4:26-41

This is the second of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B
Fridays in Year B in the seasons of Epiphany, Pentecost and Kingdomtide are dedicated to the Gospel of Mark.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting Firestarters from the original version of The Bible Through the Seasons.