The Sleeping Seed

Farmers have completed their work of planting the seeds. Only the power of God in life itself is going to take over now. God’s Kingdom life is like that. It will prevail, despite its being hidden and small at first.

Jesus sleeps as a seed in the bottom of the boat. He awakens and rebukes not only the wind and the waves, but the unbelief of the disciples as well.

Believe that the Spirit deep within you, apparently asleep, is really at work bringing Pentecost life to flourish in you. It will happen, if you let it. Spend time in the silence, just being with the Lord as the seed of God’s love grows within you. Others will then find rest in the shadow of your arms as branches of God’s own love for them.

The Reading for Today   Mark 4:26-41

This is the second of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B
Fridays in Year B in the seasons of Epiphany, Pentecost and Kingdomtide are dedicated to the Gospel of Mark.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting Firestarters from the original version of The Bible Through the Seasons.

5 thoughts on “The Sleeping Seed

  1. This post really struck me – it feels very much like my spiritual self has been sleeping. The world has been too much with me in recent months (ok, maybe years!) It is very reassuring to think that what feels like sleep may yet be real work going on – just waiting for me to realize it/acknowledge it! I think the key phrase is – “if you let it.” And maybe I have to figure out why I haven’t been!


  2. All variations on “Letting go and letting God.” This phrase has been well-worn, but it does say it all. It’s like the well-plowed earth ready to receive the seed.


  3. Agricultural images make sense, especially for an agrarian community. Today most people are separated from the fields, many more in understanding than in distance. That’s alright. Jesus spoke in parables that not everyone understood. Even his disciples needed explanations and he provided them. Today we are given understanding as a gift of the Holy Spirit or through participation and membership in the Body of Christ. Even the faithful and knowledgeable need explanations at times and he provides them. The questions that are raised, the parts that are not understood, challenge us to dig deeper, to spend more time searching, more time with God. Was it the need for greater knowledge, better understanding that drew the great crowds to follow Jesus? Is it what draws us today?


  4. It’s amazing. You can read the same scriptures over and over again through the years and one day something different jumps out and catches your attention. Verse 36 did that for me today.

    “36 They left the crowd and took him in the boat just as he was. Other boats followed along.”

    “…just as he was.” What does that mean? Was he dirty, hungry, exhausted? What was it about Jesus’ condition that warrented the phrase “just as he was?” Does it indicate an action of tolerance? …love?

    Just as I am… Jesus takes me into the boat just as I am, an action of pure love. He lets me rest in the bow of his boat and calms me with “peace, be still,” All of this in spite of the fact that I deserve to be asked “Why are you frightened? Don’t you have faith yet?”


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