After David

In the first book of Kings, we trace the early history of the Jewish people after the death of David, the shepherd king, through the greatness of wise Solomon. Tragedies occur when the First Commandment is constantly broken. Despite the magnificence of the Temple that we will hear described, the “house” of God’s people is built on the sands of idolatry, arrogance, power, and pride; it eventually divides into two. Remember what Jesus said about houses divided: they “cannot stand” (Matt. 12-25).

The sacred writer’s purpose is to make this history personal to you. May this book awaken longings in you to be faithful as a member of the New Temple—the very Body of Christ alive in the Holy Spirit.

1 Kings 1—2

This is the third of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B
Tuesdays are dedicated to Hebrew History and “The Writings.” For the rest of this season, we read 1 Kings.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting Firestarters from the original version of The Bible Through the Seasons.