Faith Connection

Crowds press about while Jesus is on his way to heal a young girl. A woman with a hemorrhage has one focus: “I’ve just got to come near him. Even if I touch the hem of his cloak, I’ll be healed.” She insists, refusing to allow the crowd to put her off. She keeps the focus, moving nearer and nearer to Jesus, as she crawls on the ground among the people.

Then the moment of contact: power flows forth from Jesus to heal her. It is like being jump-started. The good battery of Jesus’ power is “Ever-Ready”. However, there needs to be faith-cables of good conduction. The woman’s faith connected with Jesus’ healing power. Her faith saved her.

How are your cables? Are they broken or connected to Jesus?

Mark 5:21-43

This is the fourth of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B
Fridays in Year B in the seasons of Epiphany, Pentecost and Kingdomtide are dedicated to the Gospel of Mark.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting Firestarters from the original version of The Bible Through the Seasons. 

3 thoughts on “Faith Connection

  1. Of all the people in this passage, the crowd, the disciples, the healed woman and resurrected girl, it is Jairus inspires me. He has desperate faith to seek out Jesus to save his little girl. So many of us have come to Jesus in a similar way, we are desperate, nothing else has worked and we are needy and ready to swallow our pride and disbelief just to ease our pain when we come to Jesus.
    Jairus experiences a faith journey like a roller coaster along the way, first exhilaration, Jesus agrees to take on this miracle needy project and then the anxiety of all the delays waiting for this needed salvation from impossible odds. Then someone else seemingly highjacks his miracle as he hears his daughter has died. He crashes from great expectations to a bad report!
    I can relate to such highs and lows yet I have learned that the lows are not as bad as they seem, although it sure feels that way sometimes!
    At his lowest point Jairus hears from God! Jesus says, ” Don’t be afraid, trust me!”
    Hey, this is everyone’s faith story, when we are scared, when we can’t figure out anything, then…Jesus is in his right position, it is like He reminds Jairus, remember who is with you, I am bigger than your circumstances!
    This faith connection is bigger than some pitiful pet faith formula that some sleazy money oriented faith preacher sells like snake oil on TV. No, No, No! Jesus is addressing faith in Him that can never fail and the foolishness of fear, worry and despair. He is going to save you, no matter what your circumstances are! He came to seek and save those who were lost! That is you and that is me and that is why I know I relate to Jairus most in this story! How about you?
    Thank you Jesus, you are able to do anything, my faith is in you no matter what way you decide to handle things, I trust you even if things go a way I do not choose.


  2. This reading overflows with many things. It stirs many memories and reminders of things to come.

    I’ll start with the woman who desperately reaches to touch the hem of Jesus clothes. She is a woman who knows pain, fear, perhaps even ostracism. After all, during the monthly time when a woman bled she was considered unclean. How much more may it have been when her bleeding continued no matter what was done. How difficult it must have been to bare herself to doctors and submit to whatever they directed. This woman lived with a chronic problem and for many there would seem to be no end in sight. She knows better! She doesn’t think, she knows! She knows that it is Jesus who will heal her. I know too.

    What and how will that healing be? That is different for each of us, sometimes it is physical, sometimes it is spiritual, always it is through the power of God.

    The flow of power that went out through Jesus at the time of her healing, that is a very special thing. Healing is amazing, whether you are the recipient or the healer. There is a stream which flows from God through his instruments into the wounded. I have been in the stream. I have felt the flow and am overwhelmed to have been so blessed. All I can say is that my hands get hot and I can feel movement through me, out of me at that time. If I, an imperfect sinner, can sense this movement, how much more must Jesus have known it? How much more pure the stream must have been. Think about this and know that Jesus invites us to drink of the living water.

    The wonderful story of Jairus and his daughter bookends the story of the woman in need of healing. Here is a man of God, of faith, a leader of the synagogue coming in certainty to Jesus, the very one whom the leaders of the Temple fear and plot against. He comes to ask Jesus to lay hands on his daughter fully certain that she will be healed, he asks for her to be brought into the flow of the stream. Jesus goes to her, lays his healing hands on her, and she lives. Did you notice who he brought in with him? The very people who mean everything to the little girl, her parents, and his closest friends, the people who know him and need to know him better. Oh! Are we present at the healing? Aren’t we people who know Jesus, but need to know him better?

    Step into the stream. Open yourself to healing, no matter what form it comes in. Don’t you hear him? Listen carefully. Jesus is calling to you, “Talitha koum.”


  3. “There is a stream which flows from God through his instruments into the wounded. ” Joy, you give new meaning to the familiar, “Go with the flow!” It’s not just any flow, but the flow of God. Thanks!


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