The Spirit Singing Inside

Court TV used to be very popular, as well as programs such as Judge Judy, Texas Justice, Animal Court and others. In a world where justice doesn’t always get done, we like to know that there are some places were it is working just fine.

But Asaph, the writer of this psalm, believes that only God is judge, for only God can really bring about the end of injustice. I’m sure that Asaph is aware that this doesn’t always seem to be the case, but he knows that God is much greater than he is. Human courthouses and judges need to look to God who made heaven and earth as the One who makes justice possible.

Take a look at verse 9. Asaph praises and sings about God. Here’s something you can do. Find a verse of one of your favorite hymns and sing it at various times. You might hum or whistle the melody—or do what I find myself doing sometimes: singing it in my head as I tap the rhythm with my teeth! Sometimes I find this happening all by itself; I believe it’s really the Holy Spirit doing the singing inside.

Psalm 75

Here is a sample of a seven-syllable breath-prayer from today’s reading:
I will rejoice forever. v. 9
For more information about this creative way to pray, see Bible Breaths.

This is the seventh of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B.
Wednesdays are dedicated the Psalms.

Calendar for 2018: “God’s Year of Grace”

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