Intercessory Prayer

Asaph suffers for the pain and anguish of God’s people. He prays earnestly for them. He knows that God will bring justice where the innocent are suffering.

This psalm teaches us about intercessory prayer. Like the intersection of two streets, you are standing there in prayer like a police officer, directly how the traffic needs to flow. These include your family and friends who need prayer for reasons of health or other difficult times they might be having. And then there’s simply all the innocent people of the world who are victims of abuse. Think of the children in Africa—homeless and orphaned because their parents died in wars or from AIDS. Many children around the world suffer at the hands of those who take advantage of them. Then there are kids bullied in your school. On and on the list goes….may your prayer go on and on as well.

Psalm 79

Here is a sample of a seven-syllable breath-prayer
from today’s reading:
You’ve forgotten all my sins.  v. 8
For more information about this creative way to pray, see Bible Breaths.

This is the eleventh of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B.
Wednesdays are dedicated the Psalms.

Calendar for 2018: “God’s Year of Grace”

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