Birth-Pangs of a New World

 When they haul you in and hand you over, don’t worry ahead of time about what to answer or say. Instead, say whatever is given to you at that moment, for you aren’t doing the speaking but the Holy Spirit is.

Mark 13:11

Catch the similarity between the way things are in our current world, and what Jesus is saying about the world of his time. There is an expression that goes: “Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.”

The birth of every one of us meant a pain and joy for our mothers that Jesus likens to the wider world’s suffering and coming joy. When we pray, we take on the world’s pain through compassion, love and prayer. Our compassion is part of the birth-pangs of a new world. Today, spend time praying for the world with this image in your heart.

Mark 13:14-37

Here is a sample of a seven-syllable breath-prayer
from today’s reading:
Suffering all as birth pangs v. 8
For more information about
this creative way to pray, see Bible Breaths.

This is the seventh of thirteen weeks in the season of Kingdomtide,
autumn in the north. Year B.
Fridays are dedicated to the New Testament, except the Gospels.
We read the Gospel of Mark in Year B.

Calendar for 2018: “God’s Year of Grace”

These Firestarters are from a new edition of The Bible Through the Seasons being developed for families with children. For the Firestarters in the original edition, I recommend the ebook.  You will have the entire program of well over a thousand Firestarters with you on your phone or tablet.  More information…

How does the Word touch you?

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