What to Do When Things Go Wrong

It is better to suffer for doing good (if this could possibly be God’s will)
than for doing evil.

1 Peter 3:17

Here are some great lessons for what we can do when someone is unkind to us or who treats us unjustly. When others are mean to us, when we are not mean in return, but rather are kind, the meanness of the others stands out as a dark blotch against the shining light of your goodness.

Think long and quietly on the last verse of today’s reading: Christ also suffered when he died for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners that he might bring us safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit.

1 Peter 3:13-18

Here is a sample of a seven-syllable breath-prayer
from today’s reading:
Better to suffer for good v. 17
For more information about this creative way to pray,
see Bible Breaths.

This is Epiphany Week
Winter in the north.  Year C
Thursdays in this season are dedicated to the the letters of Peter

Seasons of Grace – A Calendar for 2019

Solar and Sacred Seasons
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These Firestarters are from a new edition of The Bible Through the Seasons being developed for families with children. For the Firestarters in the original edition, I recommend the ebook.  You will have the entire program of well over a thousand Firestarters with you on your phone or tablet.  More information…