Anger Prayed Out

Ash Wednesday

Have you ever been really angry at someone? There’s a difference between fighting someone or saying, “I’m so angry at you that I think of doing bad things!” This doesn’t mean that you’re going to do it. Much better is simply tell the person that you are angry and what the other person did that occasioned you to be so upset.

There are many verses in today’s psalm that express the anger of the writer. He says he wants God to do bad things to his enemies…not a good idea, but at least the psalmist takes his anger out in prayer. When he finally lets go of his anger and it’s all prayed out, he’s ready to look at God and consider God’s love and kindness.

If we keep thinking about the one with whom we are angry, we’ll tend to stay angry. However, if we take our anger to God in prayer, the anger will tend to flow away like a dark cloud. God will help you to pray for your enemies and forgive them. I hope today’s psalm will help you learn how to pray in all kinds of ways.

Psalm 109:1-5; 21-31

Here is a sample of a seven-syllable breath-prayer
from today’s reading:
With my mouth I give You thanks. v. 30
For more information about this creative way to pray, see Bible Breaths.

This is the Ninth Week in Epiphany
Winter in the north.  Year C
Wednesdays are dedicated to the Psalms

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