Rescued by the Good Shepherd

In the city of Rome there are tunnels beneath the ground called catacombs, where early Christians are buried.  They died as martyrs—witnesses of their faith—in the midst of the wicked Roman emperors who persecuted these new lovers of Jesus with merciless abandon.  They used to throw them to lions let loose in a stadium called the coliseum, to watch the Christians be killed by the lions.  What they often found were songs and shouts of praise from holy persons about to die.  In the resurrection of Jesus, they knew that they were going to live! 

One of the images that early Christians painted on the walls of the catacombs were those of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  They must have been thinking about passages like this one in Ezekiel and in the 10th chapter of St. John’s Gospel where Jesus is described as “The Good Shepherd.”  Those scattered on that dark day of Good Friday were rescued by The Good Shepherd on Easter morning! 

Ezekiel  34:11-24

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