The Well-Worn Path

Those whose way is blameless—
 who walk in the Lord’s Instruction—are truly happy!
Psalm 119:1

We’re going to spend the seven Wednesdays of Easter with just one psalm: 119.  In addition to the Psalms being the longest book in the Bible, Psalm 119 is the longest chapter: 176 verses!  What’s more, every verse is a variation of saying the same thing: how much the writer loves God’s law, God’s ways.  He uses a long list of synonyms for these words.  Yet even though each verse seems the same, there is a change of color in each one—like looking through a kaleidoscope and seeing so many pieces of color in a beautiful design.

Each Wednesday we will take a group of these verses together.  What’s more, we will lift out one of the synonyms as they are in the Hebrew language.  I encourage you to spend time with these words, saying them in the original language, and feeling what their meaning is for you as you live your day. 

The Hebrew word for “way” is Derek.  Its root meaning is “to walk.”  As a person keeps walking through the same trail, it becomes a well-worn path…a clear way to go forward

Psalm 119:1-14

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